Flea Market Kodin Kakkonen is a second-hand department store located in Papinkatu 20, Tampere, near Hämeenpuisto Park. From Central Market you walk less than 10 minutes to the flea market. Kirppar’s two-square-meter lodge counters are one of the largest in the city. The tables are equipped with a clothes rack.

At Flea Market Kodin Kakkonen you can conveniently sell your unwanted items or discover a wide selection. Here you will find the largest furniture department in the center and plenty of literature. Otherwise you get a 15% student discount on furniture.

Plenty of parking on Papinkatu. Coin-operated ATM on the corner of Kurilankatu. About 150 meters towards Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Open weekdays 11-19 and weekend 11-16.


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